What is your book about?

This is a question everyone who writes a book should be prepared to answer quickly, concisely, and most importantly, in a way that will spark interest.

I’m new to all of this, but I’ve learned so far that in the publishing industry the “hook” or “pitch” is a crucial tool to market and sell a book.

It has been so hard to convey the idea of what One Hit Wonder is about in one sentence, it makes me want to rob a bank so I’d have the money to pay an editor to write it for me. Mostly, because writing my book has been a labor of love. That said, I love every part of it and it’s damn hard to talk about it in one sentence. Or 60 seconds. Or the duration of elevator ride, unless the building has 100 floors and a very old elevator.

Because I know it’s necessary, I’ve delved into the web looking for help. There are lots of tips on how to write an effective pitch. Be specific, be appropriate, be bold, be punchy, be original. Ultimately, it’s about really knowing what your work is about and which audience you’re trying to reach. Probably, it won’t appeal to everyone but it should get the people who enjoy the same kind of books interested in seeing (or reading) what all the fuss is about.

Personally, I’ve found inspiring to read the little blurbs of movies on Netflix. I’ve never noticed them until today.

Wow, this movie got four and a half stars? I must watch it. And the blurb is okay.

Okay, I don't really like The Terminator hook. I've just landed on planet earth from a galaxy far far away, and all I'm thinking is Who the hell is Sarah Connor and why should I care?

I haven't seen this movie, but by the cover I assume it's a romance. Where is the romance in this hook? And what's wrong with Chris Klein's face? Actually, this whole picture seems very creepy to me.

My hook will be up soon if you have any ideas or suggestions send them my way; I REALLY NEED IT.


Books on writing

This book is my early Christmas gift to myself I've read "How to Grow a Novel: The Most Common Mistakes Writers Make and How to Overcome Them" by Mr. Stein and just loved it.

So, I'm hoping this one is going to be an even better, more detailed discussion on writing a book.

It's funny how I've always wanted to write, but not until I've started I learned that writing a story is not just sitting in front of your computer and typing.

The first thirty thousand words poured out of me like summer rain, but after that I had no idea how to proceed. That's when I've decided to look for help, and when I say help I don't mean the grammar aberrations that's all over my draft, but the real meaty stuff that makes books so tasty—dialogue, tension, conflict, coherence (for goodness sake.)

You can find lists of books on writing everywhere, even books geared toward specific genre. In a google search I've found this one
, there are many more out there. I was actually surprised Stein on writing wasn't listed, not sure why. Perhaps, because it's older (my edition is from 1995) and the publishing industry has changed so much since then, but I don't believe good writing has.


Book Cover Ideas continued

I couldn't leave my designer abilities in the bad light of my last post. I mean, I can do better than that.

So, in this lazy Sunday (in which I should be writing) I've decided to play with the cover a little more,

Check it out:

Much better, huh?

Did I mention I've started to receive entries for the Book Cover Contest? Yeah, pretty good ones too. Keep them coming!


Book Cover Ideas

Designing a great book cover is harder than I thought. Perhaps, I feel this way because it's my book. I have every scene of it in my mind and to find the perfect image that will express everything I know about the story is…well, hard.

That's another reason the Book Cover Contest is such a great idea. A talented designer that is not as involved in the story will have a clearer vision for a cover.

For fun, I was messing with an image I've found on flickr. From an awesome artist called Franca Alejandra. I've tried to contact Franca and ask permission to use her image, but she hasn't responded yet (it has been a week.) So, I just took the liberty of using it (don't do that Book Cover contestants), that means as soon as she tells me to take it out, I'll remove it from this post.

But for now, here it is:

That's a perfect example how bad typography can ruin a perfectly wonderful image...LOL.

Can't wait to see some real designs...


One Hit Wonder

This is a brief, very brief synopsis of my book. While I'm not an expert on genre, One Hit Wonder is a commercial fiction that hovers between the romance and literary genre; meaning that, it is not only about a couple falling in love and overcoming the challenges to keep the relationship and, it is not just about the internal struggles of the protagonist.

It's a combination of both, just like life. Right? A hint of humor, a shed of a tear, a broken heart, self-doubt, a fight, some hot make up sex, no money, lots of money. Is there anything more yummy than this? Than life?

I hope this synopsis will help the gazillions of artists that will enter my Book Cover Contest, and stay tuned for excerpts from the book.

At nearly thirty, Audrey is stumbling through her own life. Dejected and penniless, her drive has faded to nil.
When she posts on Facebook her frustration at being laid-off, a long-lost childhood friend offers her a gig to photograph his wannabe rock band on tour. Her Brazilian mother believes it’s fate; Audrey believes it’s the power of DSL.
Inside a run-down Winnebago with the all-male band, her cynicism is only matched by her fear of being taken for a groupie--a burden only lessened by tequila. Lots of tequila. Much to her dismay, she falls for the one member who keeps her at a distance. But John writes a song that reveals his pent-up emotions for her and propels the band to instant stardom.
In L.A., the unexpected attention on their love life hardly values the band’s talent. She decides to veer off in pursuit of her own accomplishments, which creates room for the complications of fame to creep in between her and John. Despite their immeasurable connection, they eventually find themselves facing jealousy, betrayal, and a gut-wrenching sorrow that could unravel their relationship.
ONE HIT WONDER, a 60,000-word contemporary novel, is a tale about the heartwarming moments that unfold at the speed of life and a dogged search for meaning that pulls everything together. At its heart, the story celebrates the bonds of love, which become the catalyst that solidifies a scattered soul.

Are people forgetting how to READ?

I read today at Wall Street Journal online that Coca-cola has decided to change its "Artic Home"campaign from featuring the white cans to red, because some customers were outraged by its similarities to the Diet Coke cans while others affirmed the soda tasted "different" in the white can.

I personally think this kind of "controversy" epitomizes how our society has become so dumb down by visual stimuli that people are forgetting to READ! Yes, the cans are similar. Just READ the label before pulling it out of the deli freezer or the groceries shelf.

Are people so set in their ways that they don't even bother to engage in what they're doing anymore? Just going through the motions is how we want to live our lives?


Are we so entitled that we can't accept change (when it means it will make us work a little harder) even if it is for a greater good?

Coke is contributing up to $3 million to conservation efforts, through its partnership with World Wildlife Fund to highlight global warming's threat to bears' Arctic habitat.

I bought the white cans. I think they are beautiful. The campaign is beautiful. When my 5 year old son asked me about the polar bears he saw on the cans during our Thanksgiving grocery shopping, I told him we're trying to help protect their homes; so one day, his children will be living in a world where polar bears aren't extinct.


Twilight Bella's engagement ring

I found this beautiful ring in my mom's collection that immediately reminded me of the ring Edward gave Bella in the Twilight saga Eclipse.

With wedding season upon us I thought it would be a good idea to photograph it and posted for sale for the grooms-to-be of a Twilight fan.

It is made in yellow and white 18k gold and adorned with tiny diamonds for extra sparkle. I only have this ONE ring available and it is size 11.


Precious Metal

Almost everyone that knows me is aware my mother works with fine jewelry in Brazil. Is still my desire to work with her designing a collection. Every so often, I bring some pieces to sell here in the U.S.

Today I was photographing some pieces with my Iphone and although its camera is of surprisingly good quality it was still tricky to make the pictures interesting (I know, I know...it's not really a camera issue) So, I picked up a Vogue and Elle magazine to look for inspiration and ended up finding my models. In most ads there are no credits for the images so I wasn't able to add them here.

Jennifer was photographed by Alexei Hay

Hope you'll enjoy them and if interested in any piece of jewelry or learning about my mother business just send me an email or leave a comment.

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