Whatcha going to give a cowboy?

In the spirit of holiday giving we -- some of the Crimson Romance authors -- have concocted another giveaway for our dearest readers, and by dearest I mean you.

We're celebrating the six month anniversary of our releases. That's when most of us became authors. Oh, that sweet word just roll of my tongue like warm fudge! We appreciate every and each one of you that gave us a chance by picking up one of our books. You complete us!

Oh, yeah, about that giveaway. To make things a little more complicated fun, we're blogging and posting on each other's blog. Just hop around and say hello for more chances to win.

So, without further ado, here's Lynn Cahoon, an expert on sexy and adorable cowboys.

The holidays are upon us. Where did 2012 go? Six months have passed since The Bull Rider’s Brother was released by Crimson Romance June 4th.  I have author copies sitting in a box in my office.  (Love saying that…) and I’ve done several signings with one more coming up this weekend.  

The glamorous life of an author, right?  
Wrong.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love my new role.  And I have a new story in the bull rider’s saga that just released in November, The Bull Rider’s Manager.  I love this Vegas wedding/Idaho setting story that really pushes my heroine to figure out what she wants for herself.  A question we as women don’t ask ourselves enough, in my opinion. 
But with the release of The Bull Rider’s Manager, Jesse, my supportive bull rider, is feeling a little left out.  He’s always the supporting friend/brother and never the star of his own life.  Well, that’s going to change in my next release, so he better be ready to take the wildest ride of his life.  The one where he finds his soul mate.

 So, whatcha going to give a cowboy for Christmas?  Here’s Jesse’s wish list…

Wranglers.  Plain, comfortable jeans that make my butt look amazing. 

A new felt cowboy hat – Stetson Corral in black, specifically.

While you’re at the Stetson store, I need a new belt –Denali with my name on the back

A duster. Think Billy the kid, riding the range, and I want that coat.

I think I lost my last silver flask at the Wyoming Stomp, so I could use a new one, filled with Patron, please.

Road trips get pretty boring, so, I’d love an e-reader. Probably better get me Lynn Cahoon’s books too, so I can keep track of what she’s writing about me. 

 So, now that you know what Jesse wants, you can score one of the items off his wish list.  

December is filled with wonderful things - from the delicious goodies taking up our counter space to time spent with friends and family. What is your favorite thing about the holiday season? 

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