Kickstarter Project

While I haven't had time to create a dedicated page for the Kickstarer Project http://kck.st/Zlffkj I've created with my brother in Brazil, I wanted to at least create a post that would say to the interested people who end up here: You're in the right place. Yes, this project is mine and I'm so happy you're here.
You know many people around the world face problems that aren't part of our reality in the USA. Little things that seem so simple, like buying locally grown veggies direct from farmers aren't so simple to the people of GoiĆ¢nia. It's even harder for farmers to live with dignity when they are paid pennies per pound for the fruits of their back-breaking labor.

This project is a small measure, but it's a start. And I'm thrilled you came here to learn more about it.



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