Dialogue Nugget Sunday - Johnnie Blue

“Let me buy you a drink.” 
I cocked my head and lifted an eyebrow. “It’s an open bar.”
“Not for the good stuff.” He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled a money clip, then removed a fifty dollar bill. “Bartender, another one for me and one for the lady.” The bartender nodded, opened a cabinet behind the bar, and pulled a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue.
“Whoa.” I whispered at the sight of Johnnie Blue and looked at grey eyes who smirked triumphantly at me. “This is not going to get you inside my pants.”


Dialogue Nugget Sunday - Love of her lives

Our dialogue nugget today is a little different, Sharon Clare the author of Love of Her Lives interviews her hero Calum.

SC: There’s a rumour here in the Upper World, Calum, that you’ve been dappling in magic, scrying Beth’s future, perhaps even looking for a way back to Beth?
CC: Hmmph. I wouldn’t be searching through tomes, if the Old Ones would share their wisdom. Beth needs my protection. That’s all that matters.
SC: Let’s hypothesize that you have found a way to return to Earth. Beth is a grown woman. She won’t know you. She didn’t want your intervention in your last life together, why would she welcome it now? Not to mention, you haven’t walked the earth in a hundred years. Things have changed, you know.
CC: Tis a challenge to be sure, but Beth should have a battalion protecting her when she walks the earth. I’ve a quick wit. I’m adaptable. I’ll decipher the ways of the 21st century.
Calum takes a step forward, his hand presses the small of my back. I feel the heat from that light touch as he nudges me toward the door. All power and grace, but there’s dominance in that touch too. A feminine strand in me envies Beth, to be loved so fiercely, and a part of me knows she better brace for the warrior’s intrusion.
SC: Good luck, Calum. I know you have Beth’s well-being in mind, but she is resourceful. Perhaps you should give her a chance to solve her own problems before you intrude on her life?
CC: Perhaps you should be on your way before The Old Ones find you in the library. They wouldn’t want a mere mortal leafing through their sacred tomes.

Sharon Clare
Romance and Beyond 
Love of Her Lives - available at Crimson Romance and many places ebooks are sold.


Dialogue Nugget Sunday - Soulmate's Curse

  “Why do you hook up with this type of guys?” Melanie once asked me when I’d brought to our table a very attractive self proclaimed “artist” who thought his best work was a series of nude self-portraits.
“What’s wrong with his type?” I said, staring into his tush.
“They’re so shallow and stupid, among other things.”
“Come on, Mel, he’s hot.”
“Would you really have a relationship with a guy like him? He’s dumb as a rock.”
“Maybe…” I said without taking my eyes from him. “I’m sure he has many other qualities.” He propped his foot on a stool’s footrest as he waited for our drinks and his round and firm buttocks stretched his jeans. “Look at that ass. Don’t you just want to take a bite?”
Melanie giggled. “You’re impossible.”
“Mel, relax. I’m not looking for my soulmate or anything I just want to have fun.” I said laughing inwardly at the truthfulness of my statement, which she would never know. For her, going out was all about finding the right guy; for me, it was all about not. Humans were unable to be happy on their own. Everything had to be about love, and family, and connection. I was inherently connected to Earth, its energy traveled through me, filling me with power and life. I didn’t need anything else.

Soulmate's Curse* by Denyse Cohen coming in November 2012
*Advance Excerpt from Soulmate's Curse. Because this is such an early excerpt, there are likely to be changes in the final text or title.

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