A fleeting day

I'm so excited that my contemporary novel, One Hit Wonder, is a kindle daily deal today for only $0.99.

A while ago I've decided to spend more time writing than marketing. Social media is so time consuming and the results are hard to measure, but I couldn't help blogging about the kindle daily deal. It's so exciting to have my book featured and accessible at a better price for potentially millions of kindle users.

And it's not about money. Believe me! Royalty from a .99 sale is brutal.

It's about new readers. People who otherwise would have no knowledge of this book. It's about opportunity, and future, and building (albeit slowly) a career that will make me proud, and happy.

I know this day will pass quickly (as all the good days do) but I might have a fleeting glimpse of what being a published author can be and that feeling will last me a long time.


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