Black Friday, oh la la...

Just kidding... I don't think I ever got out to shop on this most dreadful day. I think the "hype" makes us spend more than we should and buy "stuff" we don't really need. Note that I'm not condemning "shopping". No, no. Shopping is fun. I like shopping.

Just the other day I bought a square skillet in excellent shape at Goodwill for $2.99 when it sells brand new for around $24.99. On the same shopping splurge I bought two pairs of shorts for my ever growing son for $3.43. Score!

See, the thing is, I've been trying to rewire my brain so that every time I want to go shopping (without the real need for anything), I grab some art supplies instead and try to do something that will feel as good, won't cost anything, and it'll have a bigger impact on my life than some cute flats.

Although, I might break and come out to Ponta Vedra Arts and Crafts tomorrow since they are offering 50% off one full price item, and THEY ARE A LOCAL BUSINESS.

In short, here's my plan for what I believe is a meaningful alternative to the "go shopping" therapy.
1- Find a hobby (or activity) that doesn't cost any money and you can learn (or practice) something. It can be a craft -- crochet, anyone? -- or sports. I heard that learning something new is good for your brain, too.  
2- If you must shop, find local businesses. 
Okay now, I know Goodwill is not local, but buying second hand does miracles to the world. Find a thrift-store near you, a local one if you can, and add that to the list under 2b.

Most importantly, for my meaningful life, I strive to find beauty in people, moments, actions and not get stuck on admiring beautiful objects that I might or might not be able to afford. Except art, of course. 
Art -- and I don't mean the factory made prints you find at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond -- goes beyond the object itself to present the viewer with ideas, feelings, or commentary which creates a subliminal conversation and brings about emotions that, perhaps, couldn't be felt without that object. But, that is for another post...

As I write all of this, almost not sure of the point I wanted to make anymore, one quote and one word keeps coming back to me.

"Be happy. 

Not because everything is good. 

But because you see the good in everything."




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