Constructed Landscapes

Untitled, 2016. Photography

I've decided to take a shot at ‪#‎theartassignment‬ ‪#‎constructedlandscapes‬. Whereas Paula McCartney's constructed landscapes could be mistaken for real ones, mine was intentionally constructed to evoke the mythical and surreal. I envisioned the land where my character would exist, complete with his little mushroom house. I feel the results are very Henri Rousseau, except my feline is not covered by the landscape. He faces the viewer very assertively, albeit apprehensively. He is territorial, but peaceful.
First of all,  Happy New Year!!!

Today I started my 365 days journey of artistic endeavors by responding to #theartassignment (does hashtags work on blogs? or is it even the proper etiquette?) constructed landscapes episode. (watch it here)  

It was fun and hard. I'm not too much of a planner, to be honest. Usually, my creative process work this way: I have an idea, and I want to execute it right then and there. So, considering I don't have a proper studio, I don't have a place that is conducive to art making. Scratch that, everywhere is conducive to art making. I truly believe that. What I mean is, I'm not very organized and I live in a small apartment. Bad combination. Anyway, my point is this landscape was constructed on a whim (isn't that the story of my life.)

Regardless, here it is.  My ode to an artistic year. 


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